Pro 10 pioneer

Evolution of the first Pro10 models

Some of the first Pro10 cars were in many cases nothing more than scaled up 1/12 models with a few "borrowed" parts from other cars or manufacturers.

Bolink was the first manufacturer to produce such a Pro10 model but was soon followed by many others.

Bolinks story from the 1/12 to the 1/10 scale Pan Car

In 1979 the 1/12 Bolink Challenger was launched. Although the chassis and many other parts were new, the front axle and the rear axle supports were actually from the Swedish Minicar XII. The differential was from the english company Schumacher and the rims from US Team Associated.

Bolink Challenger 1/12

Based on these components Bolink soon released a 1/10 Prototype called the Dirt Tracker - and the 1/10 electrical buggy boom began.

Back then, as it is still today, oval racing was very popular on the american west coast. So in addition to the offroad version an on-road model was developed. In 1980 Bolink released the "Digger 10" as well as the "Round Tracker".

Bolink Dirt Tracker 1/10

Bolink Digger 1/10

Bolink Round Tracker 1/10

The Digger 10 led to the development of the Super Digger featuring independent suspension as well as the smaller Digger 12 which was built up around a framework chassis. 


In 1983 the Round Tracker evolved into the Round Tracker II, equipped with a T-bar and in 1985 into the Bolink Invader featuring independent, damped front suspension and an aluminium power pod. The Invader, in turn is the direct predecessor of the 1988 Eliminator which, with a classic Pan-Car chassis formed the base from which many future models such as the 1991 Sport were developed.  

Bolink Round Tracker II

Bolink Invader

Bolink Eliminator

The Bolink Road Pro represented a new technical direction for Bolink in 1992.

Bolink  PRO10-museum 

1980     Round Tracker I
1983     Round Tracker II

1985     Invader

1988     Eliminator

1989     Eliminator LTO

1991     91 Sport
1992     Road Pro